N and Z (Noritake Signed Version)

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In August 2019, ZUCCa and Noritake produced a collaboration project “Nemumari”. This is a collection of 3 exhibitions that were combined with “Lie down” held in 2015 and “Marugiru” held in 2017. Designed by Satakero Sakata and obi text by Shuntaro Tanikawa.

Size: A5 deformation 80P b / w

N和Z(Noritake 簽名版)

2019年8月,ZUCCa和Noritake製作了一個合作項目“ Nemumari”。 這是3個展覽的集合,這些展覽與2015年舉辦的“ Lie down”和2017年舉辦的“ Marugiru”結合在一起。 由Satakero Sakata設計,Obi文字由Shuntaro Tanikawa設計。


尺寸:A5變形80P b / w