Noritake - Sun Notebook

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Vendor: Noritake
Type: Stationery

Orange notebook "SUN" with the sun as a motif. Followed by a bright orange paper with nothing written on it. And the last page is a line representing the sun.

This notebook comes with a backing and underlay. If you put the underlay on the mount and slide it up, down, left, or right, a visual effect will appear where the sun will fall. The design of this mount and underlay is by Masaya Ishikawa. This is an expression method born by studying animation production methods used in the days without computer graphics. Using this technique, he has produced a video work “Layers Act” (co-authored with the name of Euphrates and Satoshi Abe, announced in the 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Special Exhibition “AUDIO ARCHITECTURE: Sound Architecture Exhibition”).

The underlay provides the same effect as the mount on the last page of the notebook, and can also be used as a normal underlay. This work is an attempt to represent the "sun" with the notebook body and underlay. In addition, the notebook design is finished in the format of the notebook “YELLOW PAGES” produced in 2011. Produced in July 2019.

Size: A5, 440 pages

以太陽為主題的橙色筆記本“ SUN”。隨後是鮮橙色的紙,上面沒有任何文字。最後一頁是代表太陽的線。

該筆記本帶有底襯和襯墊。如果將襯板放在底座上並向上,向下,向左或向右滑動,則會在太陽落下的地方出現視覺效果。此安裝座和墊襯的設計是由Masaya Ishikawa設計的。這是一種通過研究在沒有計算機圖形的時代使用的動畫製作方法而誕生的表達方法。通過這種技術,他製作了視頻作品“ Layers Act”(與幼發拉底河和中部聰一起共同創作,在21_21 DESIGN SIGHT特別展覽“音頻建築:聲音建築展覽”中宣布)。

底襯提供與筆記本最後一頁上的安裝相同的效果,也可以用作常規底襯。這項工作是嘗試用筆記本的主體和襯裡來代表“太陽”。此外,筆記本電腦的設計以2011年生產的“ YELLOW PAGES”筆記本電腦的格式完成。製作於2019年7月。