Art book「I DRAW」4th edition

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This work collection is a collection of works since the solo exhibition held in January 2014 in Nakano, Tokyo, and contains about 200 selected items from the drawing work to date. Book design is Takeda Maeda, who is also an art director of the magazine "POPEYE". It is 224 pages of the hard cover, 4th Edition (4th print). It has become a book with a sense of presence as an item.
※ 4th Edition cover color will be white.
※ The content of the middle side is exactly the same as First Edition, Second Edition, Third Edition, pleaase noted.

【Specification Details】
Cover cloth sticking
Color: White
Size: 13 cm x 17.5 cm x 2.5 cm
All 224 pages
Issued date: Issued 2017