Brassing - Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen

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Vendor: ystudio
Type: Stationery

Have you ever come across some great ideas but couldn't find a good pen to write it down? Or have to borrow a pen in a rush for important moments? ystudio understand that a pen-writing lover always need to bring a good pen along. After one year of all-out effort, we're excited to launch our new Portable Ballpoint Pen. 

ystudio Portable Ballpoint Pen is designed to have a fine hanging function. You can wear it as necklace or hang it on your bag. When writing is needed, simply spin the pen off and you can start writing smoothly. With beautiful lacquer and brass trim, well-adjust weight balance and rebound mechanism, it becomes a must-have pen for you. 

It comes with a necklace and a shackle for you to create your unique lifestyle.
Refill is a ystudio customized 0.7mm gel-ink refill which writes smoothly and enjoyable. 

Specs Material: Brass Specs:9 X 10 X 139 mm Weight: 30.0g (without tail ring)

Refill: ystudio ballpoint pen refill (0.7mm gel-ink), also fit for Parker-type ballpoint refill 

Use & Care You can create a personalized brassing effect by removing the paint on the surface with sanding paper which is attached in the product's package.